About the Book

Connecting the Dots – Twenty-One Devotionals Based on Real-Life Experiences to Better Understand Kingdom Principles

Connecting the Dots  seeks to highlight one thing to its readers – there is a better way to live on earth, through understanding principles of God’s Kingdom and actively living with a Kingdom mindset. Operating under and by the world’s system of living is nothing but difficult. It leaves many frustrated, burdened, exhausted, and discouraged. Sadly, much of the world lives under this mentality. Many people do not understand principles within God’s Kingdom nor more importantly, how to apply what is taught in the bible to everyday life.

Through this series, Jason Yearwood uniquely outlines how God has used personal experiences from his life in each devotional, to educate him and now his readers, on principles of God’s Kingdom and how the understanding and application of these may renew our minds spiritually and mentally, and be of practical benefit during our lives here on earth.

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