Book Overview

As I have grown in my spiritual walk, I have become more aware of and sensitive to the way God uses life experiences and encounters to bring biblical principles and kingdom concepts to life. Every encounter and experience serves a purpose of teaching us something of God’s immeasurable love, his direction for our lives, and His sovereign nature. The bigger picture of what God wants to teach us unfolds bit by bit with every new life experience. In this way, if life and its seasons were to be thought of as an unfinished connect-the-dot puzzle, each experience would be a dot that progressively leads to the bigger picture.

Of course, a critical component of this is to spend time reading the word of God. For many of us, this may be challenging. It is my prayer, therefore, that through this devotional series, the message of Christ, his gift of salvation, and the practicality of His teachings on kingdom living may be well received. Through connecting the dots of everyday life to our spiritual walk, we can surely make the application of kingdom principles in our lives a reality!

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